Friday, November 21, 2008

Lunch - bite-sized chicken in simple tomato sauce over beehoon

It's a quick early lunch today. I had some left over chicken pieces from making nuggets on Wednesday morning. Since they've been marinated and are sitting in the chiller box, I thought I'd better use them up quickly.

I made a simple tomato sauce with olive oil, onions, tomatos, tomato puree, salt and pepper. In goes some frozen vegetables and the chicken. This is spooned over beehoon (rice vermicilli) that I've scalded and mixed together. Of course, my dear Yohei has to add his little squirts of tomato ketchup onto his food (he's into his ketchup-everything phase). As for me, nothing beats a chilli padi added to my bowl :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elaine's cake

Ayako and company wanted to spring a surprise on Elaine for her upcoming birthday. Since Elaine liked the Chocolate Fudge Cake that i made when they came to the house early last month, I was tasked to bake it again.

Just for the fun of it, I used bear-shaped cutters to cut out 2 pieces of the cake and held them up with toothpicks.

Moobe decorated the cake with melted white chocolate.

Baking bread II

The first loaf was a complete flop (somehow inedible) and Moobe made a second attempt while I off at work yesterday. The taste is not bad this time round :) We had them with a filling of minced pork paste that he made out of left-over babi ponting that Joy brought over when we had the pot luck the other week.

Don't ask for the recipe though. He didn't note down the changes he made haha!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baking bread

Moobe's first loaf of bread for a long, long time. We don't know if it can pass the taste test but the looks are definitely there :) If it turns out well, I will share the recipe here.

Toilet woes

The master bedroom toilet leaked from the base every time we flushed so I called the Town Council people to fix it. The technical officer came with his contractor 2 weeks back and simply applied a coat of silicone to the base, insisting that it will fix the problem, when I kept telling them they have to open up the toilet to check the pipes since that must be where the leaks are from.

"We had this problem before and this is how it's fixed," the technical officer insisted.

As they left, I told the officer the toilet will definitely leak again because the problem's not solved. True enough, the next day, water flowed out from another spot at the base, and it's worse this time round! I immediately called a senior officer at the Town Council and lodged my complain. They promised to send someone down to fix.

1 week passed and finally a plumber came today. When I told him what happened, he immediately asked why the other contractor didn't open up the toilet bowl to check.

*roll eyes*

When the toilet was removed, here's what it looks like:

The HDB contractor who fixed up the toilets during the upgrading works did such a lousy job, the pipe and joints in the toilet bowl has dislodged! Don't ask me how that can happen. It's clearly, as what the plumber said, a F*#$(#$*#( screwed up job.

So now that the plumber has fixed the toilet, I hope we'll not get anymore surprises.

For those of you who has toilets upgraded by HDB, keep a close watch on your toilets...

What do you see?

This image surfaced at our corridoor one day. What do you see?

Fried Rice for Lunch

This is one of the simpler things I like to whip up for my lunch box - Fried Rice. I'll normally just scan through the fridge to see what is in there and will try to use up things that need to be cleared out soon. I love it when there's a squeeze of lime on my fried rice and some red cut chilli padi too!