Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dinner - Home-made Spinach Noodle

Yes! I finally got hold of the pasta maker from my sister (mom's machine is lost somewhere in her sea of unlabelled boxes haiz) and we are making spinach noodle (Yohei calls it "green noodle") for dinner. Here's the first installation (the making process...)

You've gotta wait till after 8pm for this to continue :)

2nd installation is in!

Easy peasy...

The noodles boiling happily in the pot


It's really easy to make the noodles. I used 200g flour with 1 egg and strained liquid from a couple bunches of spinach, mixed them up, gave them a good knead and let the dough rest till we were ready to get dinner going.

The pasta maker came in really handy and made the rest of the process a breeze. All I had to do was to roll the dough out thin and then cut into ribbons. In the ribbons go into a pot of boiling water, while Moobe gets the pan going with the simple tomato base (yes, again... it's Yohei's current favourite) with minced pork and mushrooms (with lots of garlic, onions and carrots).

I'll probably try using carrots for the pasta the next time if my King gives me the nod *rolls eyes*

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