Monday, April 6, 2009

Lunch - Home-made Pasta

Holy Molly! I made my own pasta for lunch today!

Yohei has his in little flower shapes which he helped cut out with a little cookie cutter.

Moobe and I had ours cut into long strips. The pasta is made according to Jami Oliver's recipe in "Jamie's Kitchen" - for 6 people, 600g Tippo (ok I used normal flour because I don't have Tippo) flour to 6 eggs. I made 200g today, enough for 2 adults and Yohei.

I kneaded the dough at about 10am and left it to rest, covered, till we were ready to cook lunch at about 12ish. Terribly hard work rolling out the dough so I'm definitely going to see if I can take over my Mom's pasta maker :P

The sauce is a simple one of minced pork in tomato sauce base with loads of garlic, celery and chopped tomato. Us adults had added Cayene pepper for some kick.

I really like the texture of the pasta and it's really easy to make (ok except for the rolling part).

Tomorrow, we shall try spinach noodles...

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